UNDP recognizes six outstanding human development reports

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United States

The Human Development Report Office was delighted to see six outstanding human development reports receive awards for excellence on 4 March. The ceremony, at the global management meeting in New York, saw Helen Clark and Khalid Malik present trophies for the winning reports in front of several hundred senior UNDP staff.
The awards publicly recognize the contributions of Regional, National local Human Development Reports in stimulating development dialogue and policy formulation influenced by the Human Development approach. These latest awards, announced late last year, covered the best reports released between late 2009 and 2012. Helen Clark, in her speech, praised UNDP’s work in human development reporting and noted the many excellent regional and national reports that had been released in recent years. Reports which, she said, made a real contribution to national debate and policy making and to taking UNDP work forward around the world.
The Awardees were: Africa 2012: Towards a Food Secure Future; Asia and the Pacific 2012: Sustaining Human Progress in a Changing Climate; Somalia 2012: Empowering Youth for Peace and Development; Egypt 2010: Youth in Egypt - Build our Future; Nicaragua 2011: Las juventudes construyendo Nicaragua; and El Salvador 2010: Lineaminentos para un nuevo modelo de desarrollo.
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