United Kingdom: Summer School on Capability, Poverty and Well-Being Measurement

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United Kingdom
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Capability, Poverty and Well-Being Measurement

The purpose of this intensive summer school is to provide a thorough conceptual and technical introduction to current literature and techniques of measuring and comparing capabilities, drawing on various techniques of multidimensional measurement and of statistical analysis.

Taught by the staff of the Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative (OPHI), Department of International Development, Oxford University

Level of instruction:
Graduate. Open to graduate students, professionals, government and international agency analysts, with particular attention to researchers from less developed countries. STATA is required.

Each year held in a different country: 2006: The Netherlands; 2007: USA; 2008: India; 2009: Peru; 2010: Jordan.

Method of instruction:
Lectures; Group activities; Presentations of participants’ research work

Supported by:
OPHI and HDCA (Human Development and Capability Association)

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Oxford Poverty & Human Development Initiative summer school

Sabina Alkire
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