Water as a Key Factor of Human Development in Kazakstan


The NHDR 2003 provides a comprehensive analysis of the water situation in Kazakhstan and will serve as a foundation of Government as well as NGOs and private sector's actions. Regional development studies and MDGRs have revealed that water plays a key role in Kazakhstan's human development. As 55% of national water needs are satisfied by rivers crossing Kazakhstan and its neighboring nations, water may affect not only the country's internal security but also the overall economic development of Central Asia, China and Russia. The next NHDR analyzes not only the impact of water on people's health and environment, but also all other dimensions of "human development and security": poverty, demography and economic activities, along regional, urban-rural and gender lines. With a view to leading national decision makers towards sustainable water management for HD, the report elaborates a comprehensive strategy and includes recommendations for its implementation.

Principal Contributors: Yuriy Shokamanov - Author (RK Statistics Agency) Anvar Deberdeev - Author (Economic Research Institute) Nariman Kipshakbaev - Author (Interstate Water Coordinating Board - IWCB) Maira Amirkhanova - Author Fahra Usmanova - Author/Group Coordinator