Ways to Overcome Poverty

Venezuela (Bolivarian Republic of)

The Report studies poverty from a human development perspective. The analysis is mainly based on information obtained from the Social Survey 1998 (ENSO 98). The Report highlights the alarming growth and intensification of poverty in Venezuela over the past few decades, and the imbalance between this and the resources made available, particularly when compared to other countries with fewer resources. The Report finds that two out of every 10 households living in extreme poverty have at least one child who has not had compulsory vaccinations, while 44% of all children are excluded from school. Furthermore, only 55% of all households have daily access to safe water pipe-line supplies and 27% of all households do not have access to proper sewage facilities. The Report presents a set of recommendations to improve living conditions in Venezuela and to eliminate poverty such as policies oriented towards incorporating poor women into the manufacturing sector and efforts to reduce teenage pregnancy and to improve family planning services.