Were there any significant revisions of the component indicators for 2013?

Two major data revisions were made in 2013 and 2014. The first one relates to the population data (UN Population Division - World population prospect, Revision 2012) and it has affected all indicators expressed per capita, as well as life expectancy (LE).

The other revision is related to the new purchasing power parity (PPP) conversion rates based on 2011 International Comparison Program surveys. The World Bank published the new series of GDP and GNI expressed in new PPP terms on May 7th and we included it in our computations. In addition, GDP and GNI series have been rebased to 2011 (from the previously used 2005). Both revisions have impact on HDI values and ranking, especially among the middle-income countries which were affected non-uniformly - some got LE revised upwards some downwards, the same happened to GNI per capita, although on average worldwide - GNI pc was revised upwards for about 33%.