What data are used in the MPI?

The MPI relies on two main databases that are publicly available and comparable for most developing countries: the Demographic and Health Survey (DHS) and the Multiple Indicators Cluster Survey (MICS). For several countries, the national household surveys with the same or similar content and questionnaires are used - Argentina, 2005 Encuesta Nacional de Nutrición y Salud (ENNys); Brazil, 2012 Pesquisa Nacional por Amostra de Domicílios (PNAD); China, 2009 China’s Health and Nutrition Survey; Mexico, 2012 Encuesta Nacional de Salud y Nutricion (ENSANUT); State of Palestine, 2006/2007 Palestinian Family Health Survey (PAPFAM), and South Africa, 2012 National Income Dynamics Study (NIDS). Tables 6 and 6A indicate for each country if data come from the DHS, MICS or from a national survey.