Why countries with similar initial human development levels experience different evolution over time

The 2010 Report was the first to rigorously review longer-term human development trends—looking back at Human Development Index (HDI) indicators for most countries from 1970. By doing so the Report revealed new insights about the countries that performed best, and the varying patterns of progress. This graph shows diversity in human development paths and it suggests that sharing the same initial starting point of HDI does not lead to the same progress over time. Country factors such as institutions, geography and policies play important factors in shaping the progress of country’s HDI, the Report argued. The 2010 Report also showed there was no consistent correlation between national economic performance and achievement in the non-income HDI areas of health and education. Read more about The Real wealth of Nations at the 2010 Human Development Report.

This graph was originally published on the 2010 Human Development Report, “The Real Wealth of Nations: Pathways to Human Development” – Page 31