Working Out Employment


This year's Human Development Report Poland 2004 'Working out Employment' is the eighth
example of the Polish national report in the United Nations Human Development Report series.
Its principal subjects are the transformations of the contemporary labour market and problems with employment growth in Poland a country subjected, over a short time, to the parallel influence of several processes: systemic transformation, modernisation and globalisation.

Economic growth is an important, though not the only element of human development, and
the authors of the report ask the basic question: how does the Gross Domestic Product growth
translate into increased opportunities for choosing a better life path. This very criterion, by
combining the economic, social and political factors, enables a comprehensive approach to the
evaluation of development and points not only to the improvement in the economic potential but
its distribution as well.

Principal Contributors: Alina Baran - Author of basic elaborations Beata Balinska - Author of basic elaborations Marek Bednarski - Author of basic elaborations Ireneusz Bialek - Author of auxiliary texts Piotr Broda-Wysocki - Author of auxiliary texts
Employment - Sustainable Livelihood