Workshop on Measuring Human Development

Human Development Report Office, GIZ
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The workshop on Measuring Human Development organised jointly by HDRO and GIZ that took place on 14 June, 2013 in Eschborn, Germany aimed to discuss the new proposals and recommendations for revising the set of human development indices that resulted from the second review process with specific emphasis on relevance and application of these indices in developed countries. Furthermore, other (European) measurement approaches and initiatives recently developed in the quest for effective measuring of human progress and well-being were presented to enrich the debate.

The workshop was organized as a small expert forum with 30 participants from a range of sectors, representing both the users and producers of statistical indicators. Four sessions, each having three invited presentations and discussion, focused on (i) issues in measuring human development; (ii) complementing the HDI: Bringing in the concept of well-being and sustainability; (iii) accounting for inequality; and (iv) measuring poverty.

Welcome Opening Remarks:
Susanne Milcher, GIZ
Milorad Kovacevic, HDRO
Session 1:
Issues in Measuring Human Development
Chair: Eric Marlier (CEPS/INSEAD)
  1. Human Development Index: challenges and a way forward - Milorad Kovacevic (HDRO)
  2. HDI's education indicators - Friedrich Huebler (UNESCO Institute for Statistics)
  3. International Wealth Index - Jeroen Smits (Nijmegen Center for Economics)


Session 2:
Complementing the HDI: Bringing in the concept of well-being and sustainability
Chair: Andrey Ivanov (UNDP BRC)
  1. Better Life Initiative - Romina Boarini (OEC)
  2. Sustainable Society Index - Geurt van der Kerk (Sustainable Society Foundation)
  3. Measuring Social Progres in Europe - Koen Decancq (University of Antwerp)


Session 3:
Accounting for Inequality
Chair: Hildegard Lingnau (OECD Directorate)
  1. HDI and inequality - Milorad Kovacevic (HDRO)
  2. Accounting for inequality in human development - Jaya Krishnakumar (University of Geneva)
  3. Inequalities in quality of life in Europe - Tadas Leoncikas (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living Standards and Working Conditions)


Session 4:
Measuring Poverty
Chair: Renate Kirsch (German Institute for Development Evaluation
  1. Multidimensional poverty in developed countries - Bertrand Maitre (UCD)
  2. Multidimensional poverty in developed countries: German experience - Peter Krause (German Institute for Economic Research, DIW)
  3. MPI for vulnerable groups (the case of Roma) - Andrey Ivanov (UNDP BRC)


Closing HDRO - next steps

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