Youth and Human Development

Tapping the Untapped Resource


The 2009 NHDR for Kenya reinforces policy debate on various issues affecting youth development. These include the link between youth development and the broader concept of human development, the potentials of a youth bulge, and the introduction of a measure for youth development in Kenya. The report explores the potentials and challenges of youth development and discusses investment in youth social development through education and health. The report then considers the relationship between youth economic productivity and youth wellbeing. In this report, the youth are defined as people resident in Kenya aged 15 to 35 years. The initiatives and strategies by state and non-state actors in promoting real engagement in youth development are discussed. In an attempt to influence national policies for youth development, key messages and action points aimed at shaping further policy debate and creating a platform for dialogue are highlighted. The 2009 NHDR introduces a new measure for youth development in Kenya, the Youth Development Index (YDI). The index assesses the degree of inclusion and social integration of the youth in national development processes with respect to education, health and income.