Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States

The choice of a theme for this report has been determined by the country’s immediate challenge: reducing regional disparities and achieving a balanced regional development.

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The goal of the National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2015/2016 is to identify and analyse the inequalities both in terms of income and non-income that jeopardize sustainable development of the country and impact negatively the welfare of the population.

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Progress at Risk: Inequalities and Human Development in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia

This report explains how—despite relatively equal distributions of income, broad access to social services, and small gender disparities—many countries of this region are facing growing threats to their human development accomplishments.

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The Human Development Report, is a useful tool for political leaders in Albania because of the political, economic and social analyses it presents.

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Risk-Proofing the Western Balkans: Empowering People to Prevent Disasters
Risk_Proofing the Western Balkans

This regional Human Development Report makes the case for the integration of risks and for strategies to reduce disaster risks by incorporating the role that people play, both as victims/survivors of disasters and as agents

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National Human Development Report 2016 "Informal work: from challenges to solutions"
"Informal work: from challenges to solutions"

National Human Development Report 2016 tackles the topic of informal work - a pressing topic that affects not only economy but all segments of society. Every third person in Montenegro is fully or partly informally hired which puts them at risk of poor social and health protection.

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Regional Competitiveness in the Republic of Belarus
National Human Development Report 2015

The Report team conducted a detailed analysis of the socioeconomic and environmental situation in the regions of Belarus and developed proposals for the national and regional authorities, focusing on the comprehensive development of territories that would secure the realization of competitive adv

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National Human Development Report 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most rural countries in Europe. Around 60% of the population live in rural areas, whether defined as villages or as scarcely populated municipalities, and only Montenegro, Ireland and Finland have a higher share of rural population.

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Good Corporate Citizens: Public and private goals aligned for human development
Moldova Report

Each company is free to choose what strategy to follow: to become a corporate citizen, which involves assuming responsibilities towards their communities and country as a whole, or to remain, limited to pursuing narrow private objectives.

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Resource efficiency and sustainable human development
Montenegro Report

The report explains what it takes for Montenegro to reach a resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy as per Europe 2020 with a strong positive and sustainable human development impact and it is a result of the analytical efforts to define a resource-efficient development agenda on

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