3.2 Launch the Report

  1. Develop a procedure for granting permission to reprint the report (table 2)
    Table 2: Launch, market and distribute the HDR
    Elements in the launch, marketing and distribution of the report
    Develop a procedure for reprints Before the launch, provide media materials online Launch the report on a date of relevant national, regional or international significance Establish a report distribution list that promotes dialogue and debate
  2. Using the dedicated website, provide media materials and background information online before the launch.
    Put the HDR on the website by launch day. Develop an interactive website component to stimulate debate and share resources. Use this component to nurture the human development community, the communities of practice and the knowledge networks.
  3. Launch the report during the year mentioned in the report title and on the copyright page.
    If possible, launch the report on a date of relevant national, regional, or international significance. Plan high-profile events to brief media. The launch might be associated with press conferences with one or two important contributors such as government representatives, policy makers, parliamentarians, representatives of private sector or civil society organizations, or other experts. Other events might include policy seminars, public debates and so on.
  4. Establish a distribution list for the report.
    The distribution list for the report should include international organizations, sponsors and potential funders, governmental and non-governmental organizations, civil society organizations, stakeholders, technical associations and research institutions active in the area of the theme, representatives of the target audience, and so on. Wide distribution can promote dialogue and debate around the theme from a people’s perspective rather than solely among experts, though this is also important. Work with a commercial publisher or short-term marketing expert to distribute the HDR widely and proactively, including through market mechanisms, and to develop components such as brochures and plain language summaries, catalogue listings, advertising in relevant publications, reviews of the HDR, placement in bookstores, online sales, videos, contests and so on.
    United Nations Publications will carry HDRs through their hard copy and online catalogues and in their bookstores in Geneva and New York. In some cases, research institutions, universities, partner groups and other organizations will include HDRs on their publication lists and send relevant information to their members and customers.
  5. Send a PDF of the report to HDRO. They can advertise it through their social media channels and include the report in their on-line library.