1.2 Mobilize Resources

UNDP core resources normally account for a majority of the funding for national and regional HDRs. They may be combined with donor funds as appropriate. HDRO and the Regional Bureaux and Regional Centres may signal additional sources of funding. UNDP resident representatives and regional directors are responsible for ensuring that sufficient human and financial resources are mobilized to produce high quality reports.

Several steps may be taken to initiate the mobilization of resources, as follows:

  1. Write a project document.

    The project document should offer background information on the theme and the HDR process, including past and current initiatives or projects in the country or region that have addressed the theme or related issues. It should also sketch in the projected financing needs for report preparation, launch and follow-up and outline the various responsibilities and lines of authority among the institutions and individuals involved in the HDR process. To encourage funding, consider segmenting funding areas according to donor interests, such as research, data collection, outreach and so on. It may be beneficial to describe the methodology that is to be used in carrying out the research for the report.

  2. Using the project document, hold consultations to assess the potential for funding, including with UNDP and other United Nations organizations, regional development banks, bilateral organizations, private sector entities, and non-governmental and civil society organizations.

    The government should be viewed as an essential partner; therefore, early on, engage in consultations with the appropriate government departments on process and funding.