05 July 2019 | HDRO

The 2019 global MPI, to be released on 11 July 2019, will shed light on the number of people experiencing poverty at regional, national and subnational levels, revealing vast inequalities across countries and among the poor themselves.

13 June 2019 | HDRO

The goal of reducing inequalities is enshrined in the 2030 Agenda and its central pledge of leaving no one behind, which recognizes the need for inclusion and empowerment of the most vulnerable.

10 April 2019 | HDRO

Inequality is a defining challenge of our time. But what does it really look like? Do we have the right measures of inequality? And what might this mean for societies worldwide for the rest of the 21st Century?

15 March 2019 | HDRO

The Human Development Report Office (HDRO) convened two important statistical meetings this past week to discuss human development indices and indicators.

20 September 2018 | UNDP and OPHI

The 2018 Multidimensional Poverty Index provides the most comprehensive view of the many ways in which 1.3 billion people worldwide experience poverty in their daily life.

14 September 2018 | HDRO

According to the latest Human Development Index, people living in the very high human development countries can expect to live 19 years longer, and spend seven more years in school, than those living in the group of low human development countries.

14 June 2018 | HDRO

In an interview with Bill Miller from Global Connections Television, HDRO Director Selim Jahan spoke about the human development approach, and provided an overview of the most recently published Human Development Reports.

12 June 2018 | HDRO

Time use surveys — collecting statistics about how people spend their time — are increasingly being used to inform development agendas in developing countries, a report from the United Nations Foundation's Data2X initiative finds.

11 May 2018 | HDRO

The number of composite indices that are constructed and used internationally is growing very fast; but whilst the complexity of quantitative techniques has increased dramatically, the education and training in this area have been dragging and lagging behind.