Information and Communications Technologies

Promoting ICT for Human Development in Asia

This regional HDR is a major step towards bringing ICT to the centre of the development debate. The Report's unique approach lies in its use of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs)to measure and monitor the impact of ICTs on human development.

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Niger is a Saharan country
which faces numerous natural
handicaps, notably the arid
climate, great demographic
pressure and the scarcity of
resources. This, coupled with
a series of socio-political
crises have meant that Niger

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The aim of the report is to highlight the unique contribution that ICTs, especially the Internet, can make towards ensuring Ecuador’s development. The report covers ICT applications that contribute towards improving opportunities for Ecuadorians.

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Information and Communications Technology for Development

Despite significant advances in their development process, reducing poverty remains Tajikistan's main priority.

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Information and Communication Technologies in the Service of Development

The Report explores the ways ICTs can be used in order to further human development, reduce inequalities and help increase opportunities for the Venezuelan people.

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This report deals with gender and human development, and the ways in which a human
development approach can contribute to advancing women's rights and achieving

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Knowledge, information, technology and human development

The Lithuanian Human Development Report 2003 addresses the issue of Knowledge, Information and Technologies for Human Development.

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