It is for the first time within the series of National Reports a calculation of the regional HDI was initiated to reflect the analysis over the human development levels by regions in Tajikistan.

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The 13th Human Development Report for the Russian Federation, Energy Sector and Sustainable Development, assesses impact of the energy sector on the country’s economy and human development.

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Montenegro has achieved impressive economic growth in recent years, which has created opportunities and brought about some progress in the human development of the poor and socially excluded.

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Realising the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Kazakhstan

The overall goal of the 2009 National Human Development Report is to study Kazakhstan’s legislation and socio-economic infrastructure concerning persons with disabilities and identify political, legislative, institutional and socio-economic measures enabling implementation of the Convention on th

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Climate change and its impacts on society and economy in Croatia

This publication is a breakthrough report for the country and the first of its kind, globally following new analysis released by the IPCC. It is a fact that the climate is changing and the consequences of that change are already being felt all over the globe. Croatia is not an exception.

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Aspirations, Lifestyles & Empowerment

This first Human Development Report for Cyprus focuses on the lives and aspirations of the island’s young people. The Report is unique as it is the first time that aspects of the life of youth in both the Greek-Cypriot and Turkish-Cypriot communities have been mapped out in tandem.

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Social Capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The report delves into the positive and negative effects of social capital for broader processes of democratisation and social cohesion.

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Opportunities and Challenges

The NHDR consists of five chapters dedicated to the following issues concerning migration flows related to Armenia: migration trends in a globalizing world in the context of human development; causal interplay between migration, poverty, and inequality; relationship between migration governance a

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The report, entitled ‘Human Security, Today and Tomorrow’ casts a spotlight on the state of human security in Thailand from multiple perspectives.

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This Report argues that representation can become a catalyst for creating a society that offers greater equality and justice to all in a number of spheres.

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