By increasing GDP and creating new income- and employment-generation opportunities particularly for vulnerable communities–international trade can promote human development.

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Iraqi Youth Challenges and Opportunities
Iraq Human Development Report 2014

Issued in 2008, the second National Human Development Report (NHDR) succeeded in realizing one of the most important goals of Human Development Reports: raising a debate on development policies among government officials, academics, intellectuals, media professionals, and civil society organizati

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«Доклад о человеческом развитии 2014» –
новейшая публикация из серии глобаль
ных «Докладов о человеческом развитии»,
выпускаемых ПРООН с 1990 года в каче
стве независимого, эмпирически обоснован
ного анализа основных вопросов, тенденций

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Economic Transformation for Human Development

Over the past decade, Tanzania has experienced an impressive average annual GDP growth rate of 7%. However, contrary to the widespread expectations of many, the high growth rate did not result in commensurate poverty reduction.

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DRC Cover

Le cinquième Rapport national sur le développement Humain (RNDH) porte sur la « Cohésion nationale pour l’émergence de la République démocratique du Congo »,thème qui indique clairement que l’exploitation des immenses richesses naturelles et les progrès réalisés ces dernières années dans les doma

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From Wealth to Wellbeing: Translating Resource Revenue into Sustainable Human Development
Papua New Guinea 2014

Papua New Guinea (PNG) stands at a critical moment in its development.

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Good Corporate Citizens: Public and private goals aligned for human development
Moldova Report

Each company is free to choose what strategy to follow: to become a corporate citizen, which involves assuming responsibilities towards their communities and country as a whole, or to remain, limited to pursuing narrow private objectives.

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