From Wealth to Wellbeing: Translating Resource Revenue into Sustainable Human Development
Papua New Guinea 2014

Papua New Guinea (PNG) stands at a critical moment in its development.

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Good Corporate Citizens: Public and private goals aligned for human development
Moldova Report

Each company is free to choose what strategy to follow: to become a corporate citizen, which involves assuming responsibilities towards their communities and country as a whole, or to remain, limited to pursuing narrow private objectives.

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Resource efficiency and sustainable human development
Montenegro Report

The report explains what it takes for Montenegro to reach a resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy as per Europe 2020 with a strong positive and sustainable human development impact and it is a result of the analytical efforts to define a resource-efficient development agenda on

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2014 HDR Cover

Giza garapenari buruzko txostenek behin eta berriz erakutsi duten bezala, herrialde gehienetan, jende gehienak hobera egin du etengabe giza garapenean.

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Urdu Cover 2014

Urdu translation of the 2014 Human Development Report Summary.

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Migration as a Force for Development

The eighth Kosovo Human Development Report tackles the challenging linkages between migration and human development. The report analyses the impact of migration on demography, economy, social inclusion, education, health (-care) and public participation.

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