15 March 2016 | HDRO Research Team

The Human Development Report, 2015 highlights a contradiction: it is care work mostly undertaken by women - that makes possible much of the paid w

07 January 2015 | Jon Hall and John Helliwell

We start by wishing readers a Happy New Year. We continue by asking you to reflect on what this means.

04 November 2014 | Lin Yang

Imagine for a moment that you are a baker. Now what would be on your list of essentials for an ultimate, everyday bread recipe?

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08 April 2014 | Jon Hall

March 20, the 3rd UN International Day of Happiness, marked a flurry of activity and articles around the world on the importance of happiness – or

The second ZHDR produced in 1998 focused on the Provision of Basic Social Services and showed that the provision, access and use of basic social services in Zambia was inadequate and that the state of the basic services such as education, health, water and sanitation had sharply deteriorated.

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This first National Human Development Report for Bhutan addresses the development of Bhutan since 1961. The country's approach toward the economic development canters on achieving a harmony between economic forces, the environment and spiritual and cultural values.

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This year's Report focuses on "work and well-being" and addresses the issue of providing employment of quality. The Report aims at highlighting the relationships between growth, employment, poverty and human development.

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Del consumismo y la pobreza al bienestar familiar

Como resultado de analizar la vida de los salvadoreños desde la perspectiva de su bienestar, este Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano El Salvador 2010 destaca la necesidad de que la política social pase a constituirse en uno de los ejes principales de las estrategias de desarrollo del país.

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