Principle Contributors

Kabuya Lumuna
Florent Munkeni Lakup-Tier
Kabuya Kalala
Ikete Ebale
Ngwete Kikhela
Kankwanda Ebulelange
Mukoko Samba
Kalonji Ntalaja

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The Role of Governance

Burkina Faso's NHDR 2000 addresses the country's need for elaborating a national strategy to alleviate poverty. The 2000 NHDR of Burkina Faso tackles governance both conceptually and within the national legal, institutional and political framework.

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La Gouvernance

Benin's NHDR offers an in-depth analysis of the conceptual framework of governance. It was substantially supported by the Regional African Project for the Evaluation of Governance Capacities.

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The Power of Participation

This Report is the first of a series of four that will address the relationship between good governance and accelerated human development in the Ukraine. The first Report focuses on participation as a means for increasing the pace of human development in the Ukraine.

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This edition of the NHDR for Bulgaria is the last in a series of reports focused on the different levels of government in the country and their interaction with each other. The 2001 report is dedicated to citizen participation in governance and the transition from individuals to citizens.

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The Nepal Human Development Report 2001 explores the twin concerns of Poverty Reduction and Governance through the lens of human development.

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The report focuses on reconstructing and developing effective and participatory forms of governance, the reestablishment of a strong economy based on increased trade and better safeguards against the vulnerabilities of the international trading system and restoring judicial systems in the country

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The Senegal NHDR 2001 looks at the impact of governance on human development. In 2000 the first fully transparent elections were held in Senegal, testing the democratic capabilities of the state institutions, the press, civil society organizations and the public.

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The theme of the report is the decline of governance in the Comoros Island.

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A Major Challenge for Sustainable Human Development in Haiti

Haiti's first NHDR demonstrates that the Human Development situation in the country has significantly improved over the last 15 years, especially in terms of health and education.

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