Gouvernance, cohésion sociale et développement humain durable en République du Congo

Depuis la publication du premier RNDH en 2002, le paysage politique congolais a beaucoup évolué.

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The Bolivia National Human Development Report 2007 “The state of the State” reveals unresolved tensions that have persisted throughout the country’s history.

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The Rule of Law and the Search for Justice

The 2007 Afghanistan Human Development Report: Bridging Modernity and Tradition - the Rule of Law and the Search for Justice builds on the 2004 Afghanistan Human Development Report.

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The 2008 NHDR focuses on how the politics and the policies are important for human development in Uruguay.

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The Role of Civil Society

The report centres-in on the developmental role of civil society in light of worldwide government recognition of the pivotal role of civil society, and particularly think tanks, which are increasingly being invited to contribute to social policy formulation.

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Congo DR

Le Rapport est une contribution à la recherche des voies pour engager ce grand pays d’Afrique subsaharienne sur un sentier de développement durable.

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Drawing from multi-disciplinary expertise and research, this new Report examines how the quality of governance institutions matters in moving human development forward, given that policies designed to advance HD emanate from and are implemented by public sector institutions.

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Los dos volúmenes de Por una densidad del Estado al servicio de la gente, exploran una visión del Estado desde dos ángulos. El primer volumen analiza la concepción del Estado como proveedor de servicios básicos a lo ancho y largo del territorio peruano.

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Montenegro has achieved impressive economic growth in recent years, which has created opportunities and brought about some progress in the human development of the poor and socially excluded.

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This Report argues that representation can become a catalyst for creating a society that offers greater equality and justice to all in a number of spheres.

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