Climate change

This report is a first endeavor to analyze the impact of climate change on the Kazakhstan economy, and the influence of Kazakhstan on the global problem of climate change.

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Climate change and its impacts on society and economy in Croatia

This publication is a breakthrough report for the country and the first of its kind, globally following new analysis released by the IPCC. It is a fact that the climate is changing and the consequences of that change are already being felt all over the globe. Croatia is not an exception.

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Qatar National Vision 2030

The Report underscores major environmental challenges that Qatar faces and that need to be appropriately resolved, particularly achieving water security, reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency, and mitigating risks that threaten the safety of the marine environment.

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Socio-Economic Impact and Policy Options for Adaptation

The 2009/2010 National Human Development Report, "Climate Change in Moldova: Socio-Economic Impact and Policy Options for Adaptation", provides a comprehensive and in-depth analysis of the strong impact of climate variability and climate change, and extreme weather events on sectors vital to huma

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The Future of Rural Livelihoods in the Face of Climate Change

The focus in the 2011 Cambodia Human Development Report is on climate change and rural live-lihoods. While this captures only part of the picture of climate change in Cambodia, it is an essential starting point.

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Rising to the Climate Challenge

Bhutan’s Human Development Report 2011 “Sustaining Progress: Rising to the Climate Challenge” explores the linkages between climate change and human development in Bhutan.

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L’approche conceptuelle du rapport est articulée autour des relations complexes qui peuvent exister entre changement climatique, sécurité alimentaire et développement humain.

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