Human Security and Conflicts

27 June 2017 | Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

In Colombia we are more determined than ever to end the longest running and only remaining internal armed conflict in the Americas.

16 December 2014 | Des Gasper and Oscar A. Gómez

Insecurity is inherent to human life.

Human Security and Human Development: A Deliberate Choice

The report presents an idependent voice on the interconnectedness of human security and human development. The report is a rejoinder to the unprecedented promise by World leaders to address as a signle package, peace, security, development, human rights and fundamental freedoms.

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Ce rapport s’inscrit dans la tradition du paradigme de développement humain prôné par le Programme
des Nations Unies pour le développement (PNUD), à savoir que les hommes sont la vraie richesse des

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New Dimensions of Human Security

The 1994 Report introduces a new concept of human security, which equates security with people rather than territories, with development rather than arms. It examines both the national and the global concerns of human security.

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