Conflict and Civil Strife

16 July 2021 | Florian Krampe, Kheira Tarif and Malin Mobjörk (formerly) of the Climate Change and Risk Programme at Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI)

The idea that climate change can trigger conflict has captured the popular imagination, but it is sometimes dismissed by conflict analysts.

Para poder avanzar como sociedad es ne- cesario responder, al menos, tres preguntas básicas: 1) ¿qué tenemos?, 2) ¿qué queremos? y, 3) ¿cómo lograrlo? El «cómo» depende en gran medida de la respuesta a las dos pri- meras.

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Unlocking the Development Potential of Northern Uganda
Uganda Human Development Report 2015

2016 Awards for Excellence in Human Developing Reporting Awardee

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08 March 2016 | Leymah Gbowee, Peace activist and 2011 Nobel Peace Prize winner

Just like women’s invisible work in the household, women’s work in community building and conflict resolution, which has significant human developm

The 1998 NHDR analysed the peace-making process, poverty, and post-conflict trends of development.

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Year: 1998
Type: National Reports
Region: Africa
Country: Sierra Leone

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The report underlines the effects of the long lasting internal conflict on the evolution of human development. The analysis draws attention to the differences at the national and regional levels and between men and women.

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Human Development in Post-Conflict Situation

The Republic of Congo's first NHDR was written in a post-conflict context.

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On the basis of a thorough process of dialogue and social participation across the country, the report analyses the local roots of conflict and suggests concrete reforms in thirteen policy areas.

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Based on the concept of human security, the report assesses the state of human security, using human development indicators additional indicators of human security.

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