Employment - Sustainable Livelihood

Economic Transformation for Human Development

Over the past decade, Tanzania has experienced an impressive average annual GDP growth rate of 7%. However, contrary to the widespread expectations of many, the high growth rate did not result in commensurate poverty reduction.

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Accelerating Inclusive Growth for Sustainable Human Development in Ethiopia
Ethiopia Cover

Over the 15 years since the country’s last National Human Development Report (NHDR) was published Ethiopia has undergone significant economic and social changes and has recorded some of the highest growth rates in the world-over 10 per cent in some years.

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31 March 2015 | Dr. Juan Somavia

In today’s world defending the dignity of work is a constant uphill struggle.

From Wealth to Wellbeing: Translating Resource Revenue into Sustainable Human Development
Papua New Guinea 2014

Papua New Guinea (PNG) stands at a critical moment in its development.

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The sixth Human Development Report for Bangladesh explores the concept of Sustainable Livelihoods. An attempt is made to define this – still relatively new concept – and to use it for analyzing the state of Human Development in Bangladesh.

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The available statistics on Bangladesh and its people indicate the depth of deprivation prevailing for a major part of its large polpulation. In comparison with other countries in the region, Bangladesh scores low on human development.

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The 2013 Human Development Report in Cote d'Ivoire entitled « Employment, structural changes and human development in Cote d’Ivoire » reviews structural changes that impacted on employment trend and on populations’ welfare.

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