Employment - Sustainable Livelihood


Le rapport présente l’évolution récente de l’indice du développement humain (IDH) et de ses différentes composantes pour l’Algérie.

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The Report confirms that education is a crucial factor influencing employment opportunities.

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The report looks into the issue why, in the presence of strong economic performance in recent years, there had been extremely little or no progress in poverty reduction?

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Une dimension du développement humain

Les problématiques de la formation et de l'emploi se situent au coeur même du développement humain.

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El Salvador

El Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano El Salvador 2007 hará una lectura de la realidad del país tomando como hilo conductor el tema del empleo.

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It is for the first time within the series of National Reports a calculation of the regional HDI was initiated to reflect the analysis over the human development levels by regions in Tajikistan.

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The 4th National Human Development Report

The report constructs human development indicators for different provinces. This has led to identifi ed regional disparities in Human Development across provinces.

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