31 May 2017 | Astra Bonini, Policy Specialist, HDRO/UNDP

A decent and dignified life for all 7.5 billion people in the world is possible. The world is not short on technological and financial resources.

Progress at Risk: Inequalities and Human Development in Eastern Europe, Turkey, and Central Asia

This report explains how—despite relatively equal distributions of income, broad access to social services, and small gender disparities—many countries of this region are facing growing threats to their human development accomplishments.

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Bridging the divide: addressing vulnerability and inequality

The second National Human Development Report for the Maldives – ‘Bridging the divide: addressing vulnerability and inequality’ – finds that ensuring equitable distribution of developmental gains amongst the Maldivian people has proved to be a challenge.

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Unlocking Human Potential
Cover Nepal 2014

This Report focuses on the productive abilities of the regions, households and

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The main theme of the Russian Federation's fourth NHDR is regional and social inequality regarding human development.

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The biggest strength of this report is that it clearly provides a comprehensive profile of the state of human development in the country.

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