Social Cohesion, Exclusion and Inclusion

The twin themes of the NHDR explore the dimensions
of the often traumatic personal, family, community and
collective feelings of insecurity and social exclusion that
exist in Macedonia. Naturally the two themes are closely

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Roma and the Displaced in Southeast Europe

At Risk: Roma and the Displaced in Southeast Europe" builds on and expands the groundbreaking work first published in Avoiding the Dependency Trap, the 2003 regional report by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) on Roma in Central Europe.

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Towards Inclusive Societies

The report looks at the vicious cycle of poverty from the perspective of those who experience it firsthand. The report presents findings from surveys in six countries and provides an overview of social exclusion in the region and recommended actions.

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Le Rapport 2004, sous l'impulsion du PNUD, a été élaboré conjointement avec le Centre Ivoirien d'Etudes Economiques et
Sociales (CIRES) et le Groupe National de Réflexion sur le Développement Humain Durable, composé de représentants

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The seventh National Human Development Report of Guatemala addresses the question of ethnic-cultural diversity. In Guatemala, there are strong links between ethnic diversity/racism and inequality, which can be traced back to the Spanish conquest in the 16th century.

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The Strength of Diversity

Inspired by the global Human Development Report 2004 on Cultural Freedom, the report address human development issues in Serbia analyzing the strengths of its diversity.

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Faces of Social Exclusion in Croatia

The 2006 UNDP Human Development Report for Croatia entitled: Unplugged: Faces of Social Exclusion in Croatia, presented today in Zagreb, offers the first ever comprehensive analysis of social exclusion issues in Croatia and examines the ways in which individuals and groups of people may find them

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Gouvernance, cohésion sociale et développement humain durable en République du Congo

Depuis la publication du premier RNDH en 2002, le paysage politique congolais a beaucoup évolué.

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This is the sixth National Human Development Report produced for Bosnia and Herzegovina, examining a topical human development issue. This year the report analyses the different facets and causes of social exclusion in BiH and provides recommendations for promoting social inclusion.

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