Social Cohesion, Exclusion and Inclusion


The report examines the major drivers that influenced exclusion and the involvement of a more inclusive society.

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Informe Regional de Desarrollo Humano 2008

Informe de Desarrollo Humano para el Valle del Cauca.

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Este Informe Nacional sobre Desarrollo Humano (INDH) 2008/2009, está dedicado a la juventud, que ocupa un lugar preferente en la Agenda del Sistema de las Naciones Unidas, sobre todo, a partir del año de 1985, en que la Asamblea General, lo declaró el Año Internacional de la Juventud.

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Social Capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The report delves into the positive and negative effects of social capital for broader processes of democratisation and social cohesion.

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The 2010/2011 NHDR addresses the roots of social exclusion, identifies socially excluded and vulnerable groups and provides specific recommendations on how to eliminate barriers to social inclusion for all.

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The NHDR 2010 intends to serve as an analytical tool in assessment and promotion of more effective capacity development in the country.

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