Side Event at the UN Statistical Commission

Location: New York, UN HQ

The side event to the 51st session of the UN Statistical Commission was organized by HDRO on February 3 as an informative session on concepts and measurements of human development, updates of methodology, and discrepancy in data.

The side event is a part of the wider consultation process with statistical community, which includes an annual letter, regional consultations, statistical advisory panel and expert group meetings.

The event was attended by representatives from about 25 countries.

UNDP-ISC: Rearticulating Human Development

Location: Virtual Consultation

This expert consultation and the online workshop (forthcoming) was organized in partnership with the International Science Council (ISC).

Participants were asked to provide a critical review and re-articulation of the human development paradigm to reflect the evolving landscape and a conceptual framework to guide analyses, measurement and decision making to support the SDGs.

Key topics discussed:

UNDP-ECA: People and the Planet: Towards Sustainable Human Development

Location: Niagara Falls, Zimbabwe

This expert consultation was organized in partnership with the Economic Commission for Africa, on the side-lines of the sixth session of the Africa Regional Forum on Sustainable Development.

Key topics discussed:

Sustainability, intersection between human development, the Agenda 2030 and Agenda 2063.

Click here for the agenda

HDRO Statistical Advisory Panel

Location: New York, UN HQ

The Statistical Advisory Panel (SAP) for the 2020 Human Development Report (HDR) consists of 13 members - heads of national statistical offices (Angola, Malesia and Sweden), heads of international statistical agencies (UIS, UNCTAD, UNEP, JRC of EU), academics (Italy, The Netherlands, Panama, UK), and researchers from UNDESA and UNDP.

UNDP-UN WOMEN: Expert Group Meeting on Gender Indices

Location: Virtual Consultation

This Expert Group meeting was organized in partnership with UN Women with the objective to review the Gender Inequality Index.

Areas covered included: improving the methodology for measuring gender disparities and tracking progress on women’s empowerment, how to reflect underlying causes and driving factors of gender-based inequality, new and emerging data sources.

A set of recommendations have been formulated. HDRO and UN Women are working on the new generation of the gender indices.

UNDP-UNOSSC: 2020 HDR with South-South Global Thinkers

Location: Virtual Consultation

This one-day workshop, as well as the related e-discussion (held from 11 March to 30 April), was organized in partnership with the United Nations Office for South-South Cooperation (UNOSSC).

Participants included experts and think-tanks, from 22 countries, that are part of South-South Global Thinkers, a global coalition of think tank networks that facilitates the sharing of knowledge, expertise, and perspectives from the Global South, to inform policy dialogues.

UNDP-UNEP Symposium

Location: Virtual Consultation

This was a joint consultation, organized in partnership with the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP), in preparation for the 2020 Human Development Report (HDR) – focusing on the relationship between people and the planet. Participants included academics, development and environmental experts.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unleashing a human development crisis. On some dimensions of human development, conditions today are equivalent to levels of deprivation last seen in the mid-1980s.

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COVID-19 crisis is more than a global health emergency; it is a systemic human development crisis, reflecting our interaction with the ecosystem we are part of, which is already affecting the economic and social dimensions of development in unprecedented ways.

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