How has Human Development contributed and influenced the international debate? What are the challenges ahead? Development leaders reflect on these issues in a special series of the HDialogue blog.

Street Vendor
12 Mayo 2015 | Jean-Pierre Cling, Mireille Razafindrakoto and François Roubaud

Informal employment – informality - is everywhere in the developing world. Although it provides badly needed jobs for the poor, it harms workers’ protection, earning predictability and social benefits. It also reduces the tax base.

HD Tree
16 Abril 2015 | Eleonore Fournier-Tombs

Edward Tufte, autor de La representación visual de la información cuantitativa, escribió que "lo que tienen en común la ciencia y el arte es que tratan de ver en profundidad- para desarrollar estrategias de ver y mostrar". Y lo mismo ocurre con la estadística y las visualizaciones.

Birth registration
14 Abril 2015 | Lene Mikkelsen, Alan Lopez and David Phillips

In developed societies we take it for granted that all children are registered at birth and that all people are registered when they die with a medically assigned cause of death.

31 Marzo 2015 | Dr. Juan Somavia

En el mundo de hoy en día, defender la dignidad del trabajo es una batalla constante. El pensamiento económico predominante considera el trabajo un coste de producción, que en la economía mundial debe ser lo más bajo posible para resultar competitivo.

20 Marzo 2015 | Jon Hall and Shivani Nayyar

Today, 20 March, is the International Day of Happiness. There is a growing body of literature on the impacts that many facets of human development have on people’s subjective wellbeing, and vice versa. This post explores some of what we know about the links between happiness and work.

UN Women 2015
16 Marzo 2015 | Jeni Klugman

A starting point of the upcoming global Human Development Report (HDR) is that work is intrinsically linked to human development. One’s ability to choose whether to seek a paid job, and what type of work to do, is an important expression of agency, and so fundamental to human development.

UNDP Mongolia
04 Marzo 2015 | El departamento de Comunicación de la Oficina del Informe sobre el Desarrollo Humano

En 2015 se cumplirán veinticinco años desde que el primer Informe sobre Desarrollo Humano diera a conocer una nueva forma de abordar el progreso y bienestar humano.

04 Marzo 2015 | Selim Jahan

A concept is always broader than any of its proposed measures. Any suggested measure for any concept cannot fully capture the richness, the breadth and the depth of the concept itself. This is true of the notion of human development as well.

03 Febrero 2015 | Selim Jahan

Desde la perspectiva de desarrollo humano, el concepto realmente relevante es el trabajo, que no el empleo.

07 Enero 2015 | Jon Hall and John Helliwell

We start by wishing readers a Happy New Year. We continue by asking you to reflect on what this means. Because happiness can be different things to different people.