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National Human Development Report 2013

Bosnia and Herzegovina is one of the most rural countries in Europe. Around 60% of the population live in rural areas, whether defined as villages or as scarcely populated municipalities, and only Montenegro, Ireland and Finland have a higher share of rural population.

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Good Corporate Citizens: Public and private goals aligned for human development
Moldova Report

Each company is free to choose what strategy to follow: to become a corporate citizen, which involves assuming responsibilities towards their communities and country as a whole, or to remain, limited to pursuing narrow private objectives.

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Resource efficiency and sustainable human development
Montenegro Report

The report explains what it takes for Montenegro to reach a resource-efficient, greener and more competitive economy as per Europe 2020 with a strong positive and sustainable human development impact and it is a result of the analytical efforts to define a resource-efficient development agenda on

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The report proposes a “three-dimensional” LHDI, which reflects the philosophy of the global HDI. The LHDI differs from the HDI in the particular sub-indices used and in the different measurements available in public statistics or administrative sources.

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The Kosovo HDR 2012 focuses on the linkages between human development and private sector expansion showing that private sector growth is intricately connected with Kosovo's social context and that it needs to be built from a much wider and fairer base than currently to unleash the real potential

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Social Inclusion

The Report examines traditional socio-economic indicators, from poverty and unemployment to health and education, from the perspective of social inclusion.

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Civil Society and Development

After a close look at what we mean when we say “civil society” and what we mean when we say “development,” the report goes on to explore the history of civil society in Kosovo, its legal context, and ways it can influence public policy.

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Energy for Development

This report presents the first study undertaken on the impacts of energy on human development in Kosovo.

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A new generation for a new Kosovo

The new report provides an excellent opportunity to deepen our understanding of human development and how it applies to Kosovo. Whilst the first report established a base-line, the second report explored in greater detail the differences in development in Kosovan population.

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The main goal of Uzbekistan's 1998 report is to analyze the role of the state in economic, social and democratic reforms in the period of transition. The report looks at the social polices being implemented throughout the country with programs on gas.

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