Human Development in the News

December 14th Human Development Report Launch, Save the Date!

20 Octubre 2015
Origen: HDRO

What does human development look like? This tree will show you

30 Abril 2015
Origen: Devex

2015 Human Development Report to Focus on Employment

05 Febrero 2015
Origen: InterPress Service

Série "Atlas Brasil 2013 - Desenvolvimento Humano em Debate": Selim Jahan

06 Febrero 2015
Origen: PNUD Brasil/YouTube

Série “Atlas Brasil 2013 - Desenvolvimento Humano em debate”: Selim Jahan

04 Febrero 2015
Origen: PNUD Brasil

The Age of Vulnerability

13 Octubre 2014
Origen: Joseph Stiglitz - Project Syndicate

HDR 2014: Are they listening?

17 Septiembre 2014
Origen: Business Recorder

Secretary General announces new initiatives in the areas of freedom of expression and democratic participation

16 Septiembre 2014
Origen: Council of Europe

Regional Launch of the HDR in Montenegro

11 Septiembre 2014
Origen: Watch the Live Stream at 10 AM CET

Namibia: Over 400 000 Lifted Out of Poverty

15 Agosto 2014
Origen: All Africa

Más de 56 millones de ciudadanos dejaron la pobreza en Latinoamérica

29 Agosto 2014
Origen: El Pais

Despite progress, many in region remain vulnerable

27 Agosto 2014
Origen: Miami Herald

Key Trends in Global Development, Poverty, Health: United Nations Development Programme 2014

26 Agosto 2014
Origen: Global Policy

Human Development Report: Reducing vulnerabilities and building resilience of older people

29 Julio 2014
Origen: Help Age

La ONU pide más políticas sociales y de empleo ante el frenazo del desarrollo

24 Julio 2014
Origen: Agencia EFE

U.N. urges sustained effort to improve flagging development

24 Julio 2014
Origen: Reuters

'Eliminating misogyny' key to shaking up Japan's workforce: UNDP chief

24 Julio 2014
Origen: Agence France-Presse

More than 2.2 billion people 'poor or near-poor': UN report

24 Julio 2014
Origen: Agence France-Presse

Annual UN human development report finds halting progress in key measures

24 Julio 2014
Origen: Associated Press

Jobs and social security needed as income inequality widens, UNDP warns

24 Julio 2014
Origen: The Guardian

Climate change ‘single biggest hindrance’ to human development

25 Julio 2014
Origen: Eco-Business

New measures, new insights: the 2014 Human Development Report

24 Julio 2014
Origen: Stephan Klasen, Development Progress Blog

Pardee School hosts workshop on Human Development and Jobs

30 Junio 2014
Origen: Pardee School of Global Studies

Spatial disparity between the capital and the atolls contribute to human development gap

19 Junio 2014
Origen: UNDP Maldives

Get your HDI data App on iTunes

17 Junio 2014
Origen: iTunes (user-contributed application)

Gender Equality Predicts Olympic Success

20 Mayo 2014
Origen: Outside Magazine

Inequality is bad for everyone, not only the poor, by Khalid Malik

25 Abril 2014
Origen: Financial Times

Income Inequality and Human Development

06 Marzo 2014
Origen: Huffington Post Canada

Inequality, discrimination still ‘major hindrances to progress

22 Febrero 2014
Origen: The Citizen

Oxford professor emeritus charts human development

19 Febrero 2014
Origen: The NDSM Observer

Burdensome debt and elusive solutions

09 Febrero 2014
Origen: Jamaica Observer

U.N. sounds alarm on worsening global income disparities

29 Enero 2014
Origen: Reuters

Paul Krugman on jobs and inequality - The Populist Imperative

24 Enero 2014
Origen: New York Times

GDP now 'woeful' measuring stick for planet's economic health

10 Enero 2014
Origen: Environmental Data Interactive Exchange

Global Economy Growing But May Leave Well-being Behind

10 Enero 2014
Origen: Korea IT Times

Four stories you may have missed in 2013

02 Enero 2014
Origen: CNN

Afghanistan: beyond ethnicity

09 Diciembre 2013
Origen: Open Democracy

What Climate Change Activists Can Learn from Mandela's Great Legacy

09 Diciembre 2013
Origen: Think Africa Press

Latest U.N. Report Shows Raider Nation At Bottom Of Human Development Index Rankings

30 Agosto 2013
Origen: The Onion

World economy at a watershed

26 Agosto 2013
Origen: Dhaka Tribute

Brazil human development ‘doubles in 20 years’: report

30 Julio 2013
Origen: Bloomberg

Does high GDP translate to better living standard?

05 Agosto 2013
Origen: Business Day (Nigeria)