Human Rights, Environment and Development

With Special Emphasis on Corporate Accountability

2000 Occasional Paper
Par Dias, Ayesha

This paper is in two parts addressing interrelated topics which merit separate scrutiny as well. Part I focuses on the interrelationships between human rights, environment and development. In doing so, the paper is less motivated by philosophical and academic concerns. Rather, it is motivated by concerns of policy and praxis. Environmental degradation is all too often resulting in serious human rights violations. Poverty and failure to realize basic human rights are placing the environment under severe stress. Development can serve as a key vehicle for promoting realization of human rights and protecting the environment. However, all too often, unsustainable development practices are themselves proving to be a main source of human rights violations and environmental degradation. Hence the paper strives to enhance the complementary relationship between promoting and protecting human rights; conserving, protecting and rehabilitating the environment; and achieving sustainable human development.