Human Development Data API
The for the Human Development Report resides in the statistical tables. All data is accessible via API, and can be queried to return just the data you need. Add HDR data to your app or project today!
Getting Started

Our HDR data resides on, and is accessed via the Socrata Open Data API (SODA). All communication with the API is done through HTTPS, and errors are communicated through HTTP response codes. Available response types include JSON, XML, and CSV, which are selectable by the "extension" on API requests or by HTTP Accepts headers.

API Endpoints

With SODA , the endpoint for every dataset and custom API is by default hosted under /resources. Datasets are addressable by that dataset’s unique identifier, which you can locate either in the “API” sidebar on the dataset or as the 4x4 code at the end of any dataset URL.

HDR Table Name API Endpoint
Table 1: Human Development Index and its Components
Table 2: Human Development Index Trends
Table 3: Inequality-Adjusted Human Development Index
Table 4: Gender Inequality Index
Table 5: Gender-related Development Index
Table 6: Multidimensional Poverty Index
Table 6a: Multidimensional Poverty Index - changes over time for select countries
Table 6: Command Over Resources
Table 7: Health - Children and Youth
Table 8: Adult Health and Health Expenditure
Table 9: Education
Table 10: Command over and allocation of resources
Table 11: Social competencies
Table 12: Personal insecurity
Table 13: International integration
Table 14: Environment
Table 15: Population trends
Table 16: Supplementary indicators: Perceptions of wellbeing
Human Development Indicators by Country
Sample Queries

These sample queries will use HDR Table 1: HDI Human Development Index and its Components. You can view and explore the dataset in your browser at The last part of this URL is the dataset's unique identifier, which you'll need to build API Queries.

You'll also need API field names for columns you'd like to query. API field names can be found by hovering over the column header in the dataset's graphical view. For example, the API field name for the "2014 HDI Rank" column is "hdi_rank".

The API endpoint for this dataset returns JSON for all columns and rows.

More specific queries can be built by adding arguments to the endpoint URL. Create simple equality queries using an API field name and a value:

Add a $where argument to return rows with ranges of values:

Get rows for the top 50 ranked countries:$where=hdi_rank

Add a $select argument to return only certain columns:

Get rows where the HDI value is less than .500 and only get the country name, country code, and hdi value:$where=_2013_hdi_value%3C.500&$select=name,abbreviation,_2013_hdi_value

Add an $order argument to sort the results:

Get rows where the HDI value is less than .500 and only get the country name, country code, and hdi value, sorted by name (ascending):$where=_2013_hdi_value%3C.500&$select=name,abbreviation,_2013_hdi_value&$order=name%20asc
Resources and More Information

Socrata provides SDKs for several programming environments to facilitate consumption of SODA APIs. More information can be found at