Human Development in the News

Human Development Reports recognised as one of the top ten sources of international development data.

17 Mars 2016
Source: The Guardian

"Despite overall progress, the world should focus more on sustainable work that doesn't put people at risk."

09 Février 2016
Source: (Audio) Deutsche Welle (DW)

"The United Nations has recently spoken out on the need for women to have better access to digital technologies to lead to gender equality."

09 Février 2016

"Work is the defining issue of our time, with implications for every country. The world of work is changing rapidly, and the SDGs are very much linked to work. These are precisely the reasons for the theme of work....If not now, when? If if not us, who?"

28 Janvier 2016
Source: Audio via Commonwealth Secretariat

“Fast technological progress, deepening globalization, aging societies and environmental challenges are rapidly transforming what work means today and how it is performed”

15 Décembre 2015
Source: The New York Times

“Although technological change and globalization have boosted employment and as a result lifted human development levels for people on many continents, a substantial percentage of global youths remain mired in unemployment”

15 Décembre 2015
Source: Aljazeera

“MONEY isn’t everything. That’s the idea behind the United Nations’ Human Development Index, which celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.”

15 Décembre 2015
Source: The Economist

“Of the world’s 7.3 billion people, 3.2 billion are in jobs, and many others engage in unpaid care, creative and voluntary work or prepare themselves as future workers.”

15 Décembre 2015
Source: Washington Post

2015HDR: “Address challenges and seize opportunities of the new world of work”, UNDP urges

14 Décembre 2015
Source: HDRO

December 14th Human Development Report Launch, Save the Date!

20 Octobre 2015
Source: HDRO

What does human development look like? This tree will show you

30 Avril 2015
Source: Devex

2015 Human Development Report to Focus on Employment

05 Février 2015
Source: InterPress Service

Série "Atlas Brasil 2013 - Desenvolvimento Humano em Debate": Selim Jahan

06 Février 2015
Source: PNUD Brasil/YouTube

Série “Atlas Brasil 2013 - Desenvolvimento Humano em debate”: Selim Jahan

04 Février 2015
Source: PNUD Brasil

The Age of Vulnerability

13 Octobre 2014
Source: Joseph Stiglitz - Project Syndicate

HDR 2014: Are they listening?

17 Septembre 2014
Source: Business Recorder

Secretary General announces new initiatives in the areas of freedom of expression and democratic participation

16 Septembre 2014
Source: Council of Europe

Regional Launch of the HDR in Montenegro

11 Septembre 2014
Source: Watch the Live Stream at 10 AM CET

Namibia: Over 400 000 Lifted Out of Poverty

15 Août 2014
Source: All Africa

Más de 56 millones de ciudadanos dejaron la pobreza en Latinoamérica

29 Août 2014
Source: El Pais

Despite progress, many in region remain vulnerable

27 Août 2014
Source: Miami Herald

Key Trends in Global Development, Poverty, Health: United Nations Development Programme 2014

26 Août 2014
Source: Global Policy

Human Development Report: Reducing vulnerabilities and building resilience of older people

29 Juillet 2014
Source: Help Age

La ONU pide más políticas sociales y de empleo ante el frenazo del desarrollo

24 Juillet 2014
Source: Agencia EFE

U.N. urges sustained effort to improve flagging development

24 Juillet 2014
Source: Reuters

'Eliminating misogyny' key to shaking up Japan's workforce: UNDP chief

24 Juillet 2014
Source: Agence France-Presse

More than 2.2 billion people 'poor or near-poor': UN report

24 Juillet 2014
Source: Agence France-Presse

Annual UN human development report finds halting progress in key measures

24 Juillet 2014
Source: Associated Press

Jobs and social security needed as income inequality widens, UNDP warns

24 Juillet 2014
Source: The Guardian

Climate change ‘single biggest hindrance’ to human development

25 Juillet 2014
Source: Eco-Business

New measures, new insights: the 2014 Human Development Report

24 Juillet 2014
Source: Stephan Klasen, Development Progress Blog

Pardee School hosts workshop on Human Development and Jobs

30 Juin 2014
Source: Pardee School of Global Studies

Spatial disparity between the capital and the atolls contribute to human development gap

19 Juin 2014
Source: UNDP Maldives

Get your HDI data App on iTunes

17 Juin 2014
Source: iTunes (user-contributed application)

Gender Equality Predicts Olympic Success

20 Mai 2014
Source: Outside Magazine

Inequality is bad for everyone, not only the poor, by Khalid Malik

25 Avril 2014
Source: Financial Times

Income Inequality and Human Development

06 Mars 2014
Source: Huffington Post Canada

Inequality, discrimination still ‘major hindrances to progress

22 Février 2014
Source: The Citizen

Oxford professor emeritus charts human development

19 Février 2014
Source: The NDSM Observer

Burdensome debt and elusive solutions

09 Février 2014
Source: Jamaica Observer

U.N. sounds alarm on worsening global income disparities

29 Janvier 2014
Source: Reuters

Paul Krugman on jobs and inequality - The Populist Imperative

24 Janvier 2014
Source: New York Times

GDP now 'woeful' measuring stick for planet's economic health

10 Janvier 2014
Source: Environmental Data Interactive Exchange

Global Economy Growing But May Leave Well-being Behind

10 Janvier 2014
Source: Korea IT Times

Four stories you may have missed in 2013

02 Janvier 2014
Source: CNN

Afghanistan: beyond ethnicity

09 Décembre 2013
Source: Open Democracy

What Climate Change Activists Can Learn from Mandela's Great Legacy

09 Décembre 2013
Source: Think Africa Press

Latest U.N. Report Shows Raider Nation At Bottom Of Human Development Index Rankings

30 Août 2013
Source: The Onion

World economy at a watershed

26 Août 2013
Source: Dhaka Tribute

Brazil human development ‘doubles in 20 years’: report

30 Juillet 2013
Source: Bloomberg

Does high GDP translate to better living standard?

05 Août 2013
Source: Business Day (Nigeria)