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03 Juin 2014 | Mary Young

Children who are born poor, live in unsanitary conditions, receive little mental stimulation or nurturing, and have poor nutrition in their first y

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07 Mai 2014 | Abby Hardgrove

More often than not, youth come to our attention as a result of their association with crisis—be it a crisis of unemployment, of

A new generation for a new Kosovo

The new report provides an excellent opportunity to deepen our understanding of human development and how it applies to Kosovo. Whilst the first report established a base-line, the second report explored in greater detail the differences in development in Kosovan population.

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Leveraging its analysis on the fundamental goal of the Human Development, the report seeks to ensure that “peoples choices are enlarged and that they can exercise these choices to enjoy long, healthy, and creative lives.” The report succinctly illustrates how young adults are experiencing “dimini

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While BiH remained at peace as the century was drawing to a close, the political and
economic situation was not improving. As a result, many Bosnians, particularly the younger
generation, have migrated or are seeking to do so in search of better livelihoods. The NHDR for

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Cambodia's fourth NHDR documents the magnitude of child labor in Cambodia, and attempts to understand the determinants of child labor within the context of the overall labor market in the country. It also explores the links between child labor, human development, and human rights.

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