The Report confirms that education is a crucial factor influencing employment opportunities.

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This is the sixth National Human Development Report produced for Bosnia and Herzegovina, examining a topical human development issue. This year the report analyses the different facets and causes of social exclusion in BiH and provides recommendations for promoting social inclusion.

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Trends and Challenges

The role of National Human Development Report (NHDR) in diffusing the concept of human development in Azerbaijan, with the first such publication issued in 1995, is crucial.

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Sufficiency Economy and Human Development

The theme of the Thailand Human Development Report 2007 is “Sufficiency Economy and Human Development” and is published as a timely contribution to the on-going debate in Thailand about how to translate the Sufficiency Economy thinking into practical policies and concrete action.

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The report looks into the issue why, in the presence of strong economic performance in recent years, there had been extremely little or no progress in poverty reduction?

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This report provides an integrated look at the key issues related to equitable and sustainable rural growth, weaving together issues of land, agriculture, energy, social services and governance.

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The Rule of Law and the Search for Justice

The 2007 Afghanistan Human Development Report: Bridging Modernity and Tradition - the Rule of Law and the Search for Justice builds on the 2004 Afghanistan Human Development Report.

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Une dimension du développement humain

Les problématiques de la formation et de l'emploi se situent au coeur même du développement humain.

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Le présent rapport dont le thème est " le développement territorial" offre une vision du développement humain avec la tentative de calculer l'indicateur de développement humain (IDH) à un niveau régional.

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Currently, most effective responses to HIV/AIDS have been community and national driven. Now it has become apparent that people play a key role as individuals and as members of social systems such as families in effectively responding to the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

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