The National Human Development Report 2007 opens a dialogue; it presents the challenges and opportunities facing Armenia in regard to Human Resource Development.

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The Report confirms that education is a crucial factor influencing employment opportunities.

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Une dimension du développement humain

Les problématiques de la formation et de l'emploi se situent au coeur même du développement humain.

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Matching Supply and Demand

The challenge for Uzbekistan is to improve the
quality of education, maintain wide access and lifelong learning for a population
that will ensure Uzbekistan a significant position among the community
of nations. Already the Welfare Improvement Strategy provided in 2006 a

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Turkey’s young men and women are its next generation. They have skills and ambitions, vision and energy. But they need to be given opportunities to utilise these to the fullest. If this can be achieved, the county’s future will be assured and sustainable.

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Social Capital in Bosnia and Herzegovina

The report delves into the positive and negative effects of social capital for broader processes of democratisation and social cohesion.

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Building our Future

According to the Report, Egypt’s youth can be a formidable force for development if conditions are put in place for an inclusive society where all young Egyptians feel valued and are afforded opportunities to learn well, find decent work, have a voice, engage productively in the community, afford

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