Usos alternativos de recursos naturales en Bolivia

Un aporte singular del informe es visibilizar docenas de estudios de caso de usos alternativos de recursos naturales que ya generan ingresos, empleo y son sostenibles en el tiempo.

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This report is a first endeavor to analyze the impact of climate change on the Kazakhstan economy, and the influence of Kazakhstan on the global problem of climate change.

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Qatar National Vision 2030

The Report underscores major environmental challenges that Qatar faces and that need to be appropriately resolved, particularly achieving water security, reducing carbon emissions and increasing energy efficiency, and mitigating risks that threaten the safety of the marine environment.

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UNDP China took the initiative to focus this National Human Development Report on the topic of “Sustainable Future: Towards a Low Carbon Economy and Sustainable Society”.

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Burkina Faso

Rapport National sur le Développement Humain 2010

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Environment and Human Development

Mongolia is at the biting edge of the tension between economic growth and environmental conservation. Debates have become somewhat polarised between these two perspectives.

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