Société civile

Civil Society and Development

After a close look at what we mean when we say “civil society” and what we mean when we say “development,” the report goes on to explore the history of civil society in Kosovo, its legal context, and ways it can influence public policy.

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Towards a stronger society to govern the future: Social capital and citizenship

Thierry Lemaresquier - Resident Representative (UNDP)
Eugenio Ortega R. - Coordinator (UNDP)
Marianne Krause (Escuela de Psicología - Universidad Católica de Chile)
Tony Mifsud (Centro de Ética - Universidad Alberto Hurtado)

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The second human development report deals with the civil society as a specific theme since it overlaps with most dimensions of human development.

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The Albania NHDR 2002 is a significant contribution to the on-going of the transition process in Albania. It is also the first attempt at calculating the Human Development Index, a goes a step further with the calculation of sub-national HDIs.

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The National Human Development Report (NHDR) 2005 is devoted to analysis of how civil society mechanisms influence human capacity development in Kyrgyzstan.

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The Role of Civil Society

The report centres-in on the developmental role of civil society in light of worldwide government recognition of the pivotal role of civil society, and particularly think tanks, which are increasingly being invited to contribute to social policy formulation.

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Toward a Citizen’s State is the fourth National Human Development Report (NHDR) for Lebanon. Work commenced on this current report at the end of 2005 in partnership with the Council for Development and Reconstruction (CDR).

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