Democratic Governance and Empowerment

01 October 2019 | Paul Anand, Open University and CPNSS, London School of Economics

In a recent piece of research, I and others looked at impacts of a large-scale self-help program in Northern India.

This report focuses on the future of the country. Its main thesis is that democratic governance is not only a challenge for the development of the country, but also a vital opportunity for bringing about qualitative changes in people’s lives.

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Local Self Governance

The report for the first time in Kyrgyzstan offers a fresh look at local self-government not only as a system of governance designed to tackle a range of issues on a local level, but also as an environment and an essential condition for human development.

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14 June 2013 | Tony Payne

The title of the UNDP’s latest Human Development Report (HDR), published just a couple of months ago, proclaimed ‘The Rise of the South’.