06 September 2017 | Thangavel Palanivel, Deputy Director of the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

Throughout history, cities have been the main centres of learning, culture and innovation. It is not surprising that the world's most urban countries tend to be the richest and have the highest human development.

01 August 2017 | Sofia Garcia Garcia (Representative to the United Nations) and Claudia Arisi (Advocacy Advisor), SOS Children’s Villages International

In a recent dialogue, members of civil society and governments explored the practical and political steps to leave no one behind through the experiences of those who are excluded.

25 July 2017 | Shivani Nayyar, Research Specialist at the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

Spent time lately working on your long-term financial plan? Thought strategically about your career, the skills you need to learn and the contacts you need to make? No? You are not alone. To procrastinate, even ignoring important life matters, is human nature.

11 July 2017 | Tanni Mukhopadhyay, Policy Specialist and Senior Researcher at the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

The human development approach has long emphasized the importance of good health as a constitutive element that is both of intrinsic and instrumental value for an individual’s ability to thrive.

07 July 2017 | Dr. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany

Human dignity is inviolable. This principle has not changed since 1948 when it was formulated by the United Nations in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. It does not stop at national borders and applies to everyone regardless of age, gender or religion.

03 July 2017 | HDRO. Interview with Dan Ariely, James B. Duke Professor of Psychology and Behavioral Economics at Duke University

How did you get into studying how individuals make decisions or choices? Was this a rational decision?

27 June 2017 | Juan Manuel Santos, President of Colombia and 2016 Nobel Peace Prize Laureate

In Colombia we are more determined than ever to end the longest running and only remaining internal armed conflict in the Americas.

20 June 2017 | Juergen Nagler, UNDP Partnerships Advisor and UN Transformation Network Co-Facilitator

"We the peoples…" are the opening words of the UN Charter and UN Secretary-General, António Guterres, has reiterated calls for people-centered development. But what do we actually mean by putting people at the center of development?

08 June 2017 | Christina Lengfelder, Research Specialist, and Jon Hall, Policy Specialist at the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

Today is World Oceans Day. What better day to reflect on the role our seas have on human development?

05 June 2017 | Selim Jahan, Director of the Human Development Report Office, UNDP

What will be the nature of work in future? This million-dollar question is being discussed in cafes, schools and work places around the world right now.