Human Development Report on Governance Benin

La Gouvernance


Benin's NHDR offers an in-depth analysis of the conceptual framework of governance. It was substantially supported by the Regional African Project for the Evaluation of Governance Capacities. Given the process of democratization in Benin since 1990, the analysis of this report centers on governance, its performance and its various dimensions. For the first time in Benin, the report calculates the Human Freedom Index (HFI), which was introduced in the Global Human Development Report in 1991. The HFI was measured by a perception survey in which 800 inhabitants of the city of Cotonou participated. The report examines the performance of institutions exercising political governance, the interactions between government institutions and civil society and the private sector. Each dimension of governance is examined through the use of relevant human development indicators, thereby establishing a solid link between the performance of governance institutions and the progress of human development in Benin.