Kosovo Human Development Report 2004

The Rise of the Citizen: Challenges and Choices


The HDR for Kosovo 2004 will provide an excellent opportunity to deepen our understanding of Human Development and how it applies to Kosovo. Whilst the first report established a base-line, this second report will explore in greater detail one particular aspect of Human Development and how this pertains to Kosovo. The proposed theme reflects a judgement that in 2004 key issues of public debate are likely to include: Assembly elections (in November 2004); an accelerated transfer of competencies to the PISG in 2003; decreasing international assistance and oversight; consolidation of the democratisation process; and an ongoing debate about decentralization. To be valuable, the HDR must be topical therefore this context is important.
In addition to the standard updating of the Human Development Index for Kosovo, it is proposed that a deeper, Municipality-based data set is developed to explore whether global figures are disguising significant variations.

The Report will therefore include analysis of a quantitative and qualitative inter municipality study to present the current situation regarding human development in Kosovo. The data generated from the study will be new and will allow for an analysis on whether the process of development in Kosovo is benefiting everyone equally. The analysis will also identify areas where Kosovo might be lagging behind, such as gender equality, infant mortality and so on, with Municipality-specific information on where to look closer.

* In line with UNSCR 1244 (1999)

Principal Contributors: Mytaher Haskuka - Team LeaderLeon Malazogu - Writer (KIPRED)Nita Luci - WriterIlir Dugolli - Writer (University of Prishtina)
Political Empowerment