Participatory Governance for Human Development


Kenya's third human development report finds that poor governance is a leading cause of lack of human development in the country. Economic stagnation, dire poverty and social inequalities are the result of continued corruption, inefficient management of public resources, and the exclusion of the poor in the development process. The report finds that transparency and accountability are lacking in Kenya's government structures. In effect, it encourages a people-centered approach to better governance in Kenya and highlights the importance of participatory governance for growth, poverty reduction and sustainable human development.

Principal Contributors: Dr. Rosemary Atieno - Team Leader (Institute for Development Studies)Dr. Winnie V. Mitullah (Institute for Development Studies)Dr. Walter Odhiambo (Institute for Development Studies)Dr. Karuti Kanyinga (Institute for Development Studies)Mr. John Njoka (Institute for Development Studies)Dr. Gilbert M. Khadiagala - International Consultant (Johns Hopkins University)