Provincial Human Development Report Aceh

Human Development and People Empowerment


The intention behind HDRs is to place human development at the forefront of the development agenda, both at the national and local level. Th ey provide an instrument which can be used to review progress, compare indicators of wellbeing among diff erent social groups, and identify those persons who are been left behind in the development process. Equally important, HDRs aim to spur debate on development priorities, enhance policy making and promote better use of public resources to realize improvements in people’s lives. Th e overarching message of this report is that an eff ective way to do this is by empowering people and local communities to decide themselves on the use of resources for local development. Several precedents already exist in the province, and there are many other opportunities to extend the concept to a wider range of other sectors and services. Th e report provides numerous examples of how this can be done.

Local Development (Regional/Rural)