Relatório de Desenvolvimento Humano: Angola 2005


Now that the conflict is over in Angola, the search for the consolidation of peace and the reentry of the country on the path of sustainable development are the next great challenges in order to improve the wellbeing of all Angolans. The present report advocates that adjusted and integrated initiatives will contribute most efficiently to the consolidation of peace and reconstruction of the country. It is fundamental that the Angolan society reorganizes itself to be able to make available the instruments and opportunities so that all Angolans can live a life they choose and value. .

The Report examines the factors that contribute to an effective consolidation of peace in the country, emphasizing possible risks and opportunities of this process. The Report continues by assessing the human development performance of the country in the last 10-15 years, observing clear stagnation, especially with regards to longevity and level of education of the Angolans. The Report also touches upon the question of adequate and sustainable financing of human development through an analysis of the General State Budget and public spending structures. Finally, the Report underlines the need to promote a participative decision-making process, as strongly advocated by several Angolan civil society organizations.

Human Development (General)