General Human Development Report: Moldova 1995

Republic of Moldova

In 1991, Moldova's year of independence, the global HDR ranked the Republic at 64th place internationally in a survey of 179 nations' human development. Three years later, despite improvements in the nations economic standing, this ranking had dropped 11 points to 75th place, thus confirming that Moldova's transition process had devastatingly impacted the country's social situation.

The preparation of the NHDR has provided an opportunity for the Government and people to assess the above trends in human development terms, and to use it as a starting point for the formulation of a national human development strategy. As such it can also provide a basis for action to address some of the major issues highlighted in the Report, and to mobilize external resources in support of national efforts.

Principal Contributors: Winston Temple - CoordinatorLarissa AtamaniucBarbara Brittell - Consultant
Human Development (General)