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National Human Development Report 2016: China

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UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). 2016. National Human Development Report 2016: China. New York.

National Human Development Report 2016: China

Social Innovation for Inclusive Human Development

The purpose of this Human Development Report entitled “Social Innovation for Inclusive Human Development” is to explore policy options to help address the upcoming challenges through innovations in social policies and public administration. China’s unique national conditions make it difficult to use precedents as reference or to duplicate international experience. Thus this report, based on experience and lessons, especially the experience of social innovation, makes suggestions to improve human development that is more inclusive with a reduced level of inequality. These suggestions include innovation of policy itself and recommendations for reform of the implementa­tion mechanisms and governance pattern in specific sectors. The ultimate goal is to help the government to: continue the development-oriented social policies towards more inclusiveness and fairness; enhance efficiency by changing orientation and management of public investment; and improve mechanisms and capacity of social participation.