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Human Climate Horizons data and insights platform

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The Human Climate Horizons data and insights platform provides hyperlocal insights for more than 24,000 regions worldwide on the potential human costs of climate change through the end of 21st century. Based on two different scenarios of future greenhouse gases emissions, it allows everyone to explore the urgency of taking action to mitigate climate change and the implications for adaptation based on different policy choices. This first release of the platform looks at the effects of climate change on mortality, labor and energy use. Soon we will be adding data on coastal impacts, as well as data on climate change’s potential to disrupt food production systems and damage infrastructure.

The platform complements existing climate data platforms by emphasizing the stark reality of how climate change could impact people’s lives, building on the analysis of the Human Development Reports for 2020 and 2021/22. The platform also highlights how our future is not predetermined, seeking to empower people everywhere with information to enable them to play a role in climate action and the expansion of human development.
Human Climate Horizons is an open access and scalable digital public good – a window into possible futures – fed by an evolving stream of multidisciplinary frontier research. It is the result of joint work by the Human Development Report Office and the Climate Impact Lab, a team of economists, climate scientists and data engineers, that aspire to build the world’s most comprehensive body of research quantifying the impacts of climate change.